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    The Salina Airport Authority has decided to create a public viewing area that includes a 16-foot sculpture memorializing record-setting aviator Steve Fossett. Fossett was the first person to fly nonstop around the world without refueling, starting his journey from the Salina airport on Feb. 28, 2005, and returning March 3. The pilot also set many other aviation records before he died in a 2007 plane crash. Rogers says storyboards describing Fossett and his records will also be on display in the viewing area.

    The public viewing area will be constructed west of Beechcraft Road and north of Avflight in a portion of a parking lot. Spectators will also be able to view the 12,300-foot runway at Salina Regional Airport from the viewing area.

    The sculpture and accompanying project will be built and overseen by B&B Metal Arts, of Hoisington.

Steve Fossett Memorial for The Virgin Global Flyer Round the World Nonstop Record


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