Bruce and Brent Bitter

Hoisington Pole Art Banners


In 2005, the Hoisington Main Street Inc, HMSI, contact us to commission 14 signs down mainstreet.  The project was open to sponserships for each lightpole.  Families, businesses, and corporations all teamed together to make this project possible to be included in the Original Art Banner Project.  The theme for the designs consisted of wildlife or history of the Cheyenne Bottoms Wetlands.  The project opened up on the annual Labor day celebration and by end of September over 30 banners were sponsored.  The project expanded past downtown mainstreet to include the whole Hoisington Main Street which intersects the new created Wetlands and Wildlife National Scenic Byway route. The main street business district includes the fine art series of wildlife while past the district is the history section.  Along the scenic byway intersection is the introductory series of signs.  A total of 62 handcut banners were commissioned with more being opened up along the business side streets.  the project won the State Governers Main Street Award.  The project is being pushed beyond state level to national and international level.  If you are traveling near the area, please feel free to tour my 24 hour showroom and even take the pole art tour.  More information can be obtained at Hoisingtons New Welcome Center.