Bruce and Brent Bitter were born and raised on the family farm near Hoisington, Kansas. Even though Bruce's artistic ability was evident through drawings at church, school, and art classes. He began to pursue his career in engineering at Pittsburg State University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology. Following this degree he pursued his Masters and achieved the title of Masters in Technology. For the next twelve years Bruce spent his time within the engineering field. However, all the while wanting to find something of greater fulfillment. In an attempt to fulfill this outlet he began to create miniature rusty longhorn cows and coyote scenes from recycled metal on the family farm.


In 1995, Bruce and Brent created B & B Metal Arts as a part time business. In March of 2000, Bruce turned the business into a full time career and began traveling across America attending art shows; including the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. Brent utilized his talents to support the artwork through a variety of techniques, especially within the art of welding, supported by his degree in machining also from Pittsburg State University.


Soon local interest built up and there were state, city and county contracts pending all at the same time. With the combined twenty seven years of experience, the two brothers have compiled their creativity, expertise, and talent into even greater feats into their work today.

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